Characteristics of Welcome Bonuses

Be you a pro gamer or an absolute novice, you’ll have undoubtedly come across the dazzling ‘welcome bonus’ of the casino you’re attempting to play with. These packages, which can vary in size and depth, and are designed to peak your interests and lure you into becoming a member. It’s not hard to see why either, as they are giving away what appears to be free money in exchange for your loyalty, and your first few deposits. However, to really grasp what is happening when it comes to these rewards, you need to look beneath the surface and at the characteristics of welcome bonuses.

Typically gamers will come across one of two setups when it comes to bonuses: a single deposit reward, or one that’s split over several allocations of money. When you see this, you can expect the latter to deliver higher monetary gains, e.g. £1,000, due to the fact that you have to deposit real cash more than once. What is more, these bonuses will sometimes include extras, such as free spins and so on, just to help sweeten the deal even further for you. So far so good, but often players can overlook what is referred to as the wagering requirement; this nugget of information is what you always need to be aware of.

Every bonus, no matter with what brand, will have this attached to it, although it’ll vary in size depending on which brand you play with. These requirements are in place so that casinos get that free money back, and so it’s not really given freely but with a promise that you’ll return that and then some before being able to withdraw your funds. Sometimes this information isn’t clearly shown, so a read of the terms and the conditions will be needed. In addition to this, you also need to be aware that some games are restricted with regards to the deposit bonus. Sometimes it’ll only be in reference to the free spins that come with it, other times you’ll only be permitted to spend your cash on the slots if you hope to get the full extent of the reward. Lesson to learn: always read the fine print and all details.

Sadly there’s more to come when it comes to the deposit bonuses, though they’re in place to offer security to the casino and yourselves. This time we’re referring to the use of codes and any time restrictions that are imposed. Typically you’ll find that welcome offers are limited to so many days, sometimes it’ll be a reasonable 90, others you’ll only have 5; it depends on the brand. This brand specific rule also applies to the use of codes; if you need to input one before you use a bonus, the rules will normally state it and what the code is.

Best Bonuses – Low Wagering Requirements


The Guts Casino, an online gaming and sports platform, delivers an impressive bonus set in the form of a four way deposit bonus. Basically, you need to allocate cash four times to get the most from this offer. Also, there’s codes that need to be used every time you make that deposit, which some will find a hinderance; at least the code is simple, GUTSB and then a number. As much as £300 can be given, which is split into a 100%, a 50%, down to a low 25%, and then back up to a big 200%. In addition to this, you’ll also receive 25 free spins with every deposit you make, which ensures you get an extra perk along the way. No specific games seem locked in for the spins, however all of this comes with a 35x wagering requirement. Still, that’s quite low all things considered.


Smashing onto your screens now is a 200% deposit bonus, designed to gift players up to £100 in extra monies, essentially tripling what you allocate. This is all well and good, but there’s a bit more to it than that, such as needing to deposit a minimum of £10 to actually activate this bonus. Still, this combined with 50 free spins split across 10 each day, isn’t bad for a wagering requirement of 35x. It might not sound as grand as Guts’ promotion, but this is still a generous amount to give away to new players, and so Rizk has put together one of the best bonuses we’ve seen.

Luckland Casino

We move onto Luckland Casino now, an online brand that blows a lot of their competition out of the water with a big deposit bonus of up to £1,000! Oh, and let’s not forget the 150 free spins that are included with that, thus making this a bonus for competitors to be jealous of. To unlock this staggering offer, users will need to allocate a minimum of £20. What is more, this deposit bonus is separated into three bonuses: 100%, 50%, and then back up to 100% to ensure the pace is kept at a steady momentum. There appears to be no restrictions, games wise, in reference to the money, but the spins can only be played on a handful of slots, such as Starburst and Twin Spin. Thank goodness then that there’s a low wagering requirement of 35x.


The dynamics of this casino’s bonus is a tad confusing, but you get there in the end after thoroughly reading the rules. This is a reward that can equal as much as £900, but to do that there’s a lot of boxes you have to tick, the biggest being to deposit a min of £25, which is on the higher end of the scale. However, that does balance out with the fact that the wagering requirement is much lower at just 25x. From there on, you’ll get three lots of 100% deposit bonuses, as well as 25 free spins gifted for specific games, eventually leaving you with a total of 110 free spins. This is where you’ll need to take note of which games and spins go hand in hand, to avoid any disappointment, and to learn where along the bonus they activate.